6 Months full time

It’s been 6 months since we have been living full time in the van. Our tiny home on wheels. So how has it gone, how have we found it, are we ready to pack up and head back to a brick and mortar home, are we still married 😁 or are we just getting started … Continue reading 6 Months full time


Perfect one day…. Raining the next, that is Queensland for you, especially this year. Queensland Heritage Park at Biloela has only been opened back up for a few days after being closed for sometime due to recent rains and wet ground. Also their annual Old Wheels in Motion Rally. Due to being a heavy vehicle … Continue reading History

Three Moons

What an awesome little town Monto is. Very close to Cania George, main Street with lots of shops, couple of supermarkets and the cheapest fuel we have seen in ages at the Puma. There is a 72hr RV stop in the town area at the old railway station. One area was not in use from … Continue reading Three Moons


It’s amazing how many of these little towns have something special about them, some sort of interesting history, something unique to them. But I get ahead of myself. The sun is shining once more after nearly a week of overcast skies and wet days. After leaving the Gem fields we stopped at Emerald and filled … Continue reading Moura

Meat Ants & Teddie Bears

We had heard great things about the donation camps at Augathella. The main area one is across the road from the pub, access to showers, toilets, potable water, bins and a nice scroll up the street. This area was very full, certainly a popular spot. There are a couple of others a bit further away … Continue reading Meat Ants & Teddie Bears


A bit behind on our posts, so will post a couple to catch up over the next few days. Charleville is another one of those places we have just driven by heading to a further destination. This time it was time to explore it. We stopped for a few nights out of town at the … Continue reading Charleville

M & M

Mitchell is known for the Great Artesian Spa, lovely hot pools but there is another side to Mitchell some people might not know. The infamous Kenniff brothers, bushrangers who liked other people’s property, especially cattle and horses. They avoided capture for sometime due to being elusive and a general lack of evidence. In March 1902 … Continue reading M & M

Cattle, cow, bull, Mucka?

Roma is another one of those places we often fuel up and keep on driving. This time we had planned to stay one night in Roma, visit a few stores for some supplies, check out the local sites, fuel up and leave the next day. After a big day shopping we decided we needed another … Continue reading Cattle, cow, bull, Mucka?

Muntapa Railway Tunnel

We have stayed or passed Cooyar more times than we can remember over the years but we never knew about the Muntapa Railway Tunnel that is only 16km  from Cooyar. This is what it is about having more time to poke around places and see what is there. We find these sort of history events … Continue reading Muntapa Railway Tunnel