Piece of cake

When we were asking questions from people who had done the OTT before we heard comments like it’s a piece of cake, no worries, you will be right just take it easy. Then these same people would list the damage done to 4wd and trailer as if it was some sort of honour badge. Also … Continue reading Piece of cake

Charters Towers

14/8/13 - Well they say there is one in every crowd and we had one last night. Large number of campers and all were pretty good and quiet but there was one who ran his generator until 10.30pm. And he had a noise deflector on his side so he didn't get the noise but the … Continue reading Charters Towers

Q – Fletcher Creek

Fletcher Creek - F, B, BR, D, OR, M. Telstra mobile when plugged into an external aerial. 42km north of Charters Towers. 1 month limit. Has 3 camping areas. We are naming them areas 1, 2 & 3. Area 1, when heading north from Charters Towers on the left hand side, south side of river. Area 2, … Continue reading Q – Fletcher Creek

Hot pools, windy hills and waterfalls

13/8/13 - Up early, packed up and on the road just after 8.30am from a caravan park is pretty good for us. We filled up with fuel before heading off. First stop was Windy Hill just north of Ravenshoe where there are 20 wind turbines. It was the first wind farm to be constructed in … Continue reading Hot pools, windy hills and waterfalls

Falls, Craters and more falls

12/8/13 - This area has a huge number of water falls and you could literally spend weeks exploring all this area has to offer. We had been here many years before so we didn't feel the need to do them all again, we just picked out a few. We had to pick up a new … Continue reading Falls, Craters and more falls

The Atherton Tablelands

9/8/13 - Brrr it was a cold night. After the warm nights we had up further north it took us by surprise. Lucky I still had some winter PJ's in the camper. Poor Chris had a cold night. First stop was the Mareeba information centre. It's also the heritage museum. The museum was amazing best … Continue reading The Atherton Tablelands


8/8/13 - It was a quiet night and a cool one. Days are still hot but the nights and mornings are getting cooler now. No rush this morning. The Burke Dev Rd is a good gravel road, several dry river crossings. We did note 32km NW of Chillagoe there was a wide river with areas … Continue reading Chillagoe