Muntapa Railway Tunnel

We have stayed or passed Cooyar more times than we can remember over the years but we never knew about the Muntapa Railway Tunnel that is only 16km  from Cooyar. This is what it is about having more time to poke around places and see what is there. We find these sort of history events … Continue reading Muntapa Railway Tunnel

Relax, unwind and chill a little

Well it’s been an interesting few years. And like a lot of people we haven’t been able to get out and do much travelling. Things are hopefully improving and we can all go explore and travel again. We recently had a few very relaxing weeks away. Very much needed after an extremely busy time and … Continue reading Relax, unwind and chill a little

Go West young man, Go West

That is the plan this trip, to head west of home for a few weeks, just following our nose, stopping at whatever takes our fancy. But our distance west won't be any further than St George, QLD, due to time and a dog that is still not keen on car travel. Since we have travelled … Continue reading Go West young man, Go West