Meat Ants & Teddie Bears

We had heard great things about the donation camps at Augathella. The main area one is across the road from the pub, access to showers, toilets, potable water, bins and a nice scroll up the street. This area was very full, certainly a popular spot.

There are a couple of others a bit further away from the Main Street which is where we camped for the night and then only a short walk up the street.

There are a couple if interesting things in Augathella like the painted water tower, meat ant park, Anzac memorial and a few other sculptures around the place.


Tambo or course is famous for Tambo Teddies. Beautiful shop with lots of lovely teddies that also have a lovely price tag. Something more of a treasured heirloom to be passed down rather than for a new born baby to suck on 🙂 I think, depending on your budget.

Another thing Tambo is famous for is the Chicken Races run by one of the local pubs. So much fun and laughter. Each night at 5pm tourists gather around the chicken racing track and bid for the favourite coloured chook in the name of charity. With half of the winnings going to the owner of the winning chook and half going to a local charity. Owner of the chook just for the one race and the next night it starts again.

A little remote controlled racing car has a small bucket of the chickens favourite treats and the chickens chase it around for 4 laps, first one over the finish line on the forth lap is the winner. Of course chickens do what chickens do and go this way and that. Knock the buckets with it’s spoils on the ground for all to eat. Back to chasing the car, wrong way up the track and a bit of cheating goes on. Lots of fun.

Each chicken is coloured a different colour to keep track of who is who and make it fun with some interesting names, like Bumble Bee, Pink Bits, Apricot Chicken, Hulk, Pricilla, Barcoo Blue, etc. The chickens were very well fed, happy healthy chickens who seems to love the games and attention.

There is a free camp down by the river, which is very popular and can get dusty.


You can’t stop at Blackall and not call into the extremely good value hot pools, still only $2.

There is a new sign as you come into Blackall which of course requires a photo.

This time we decided to stay a night at the Barcoo River Camping Area. Cost is $10 a night and you need to be fully self contained, no toilets or showers. There are bins and plenty of water taps and an easy stroll up the street. This is extremely popular, first time we have seen it with some green grass. It can be very dusty and being black soil not a good place in the wet.

It was also only a short walk up to Ram Park which has a collection of old memorabilia.