About Us

Hi and welcome to “Lets Go Travel Australia” the travel log of Chris & Kate. We hope you enjoy reading about our travels as much as we enjoy experiencing them.

We initial set up this site up so friends and family could follow our travels, we have made this site public as some of the information might be helpful to other travellers. Just keep in mind the views expressed are our about our experiences about the places we have seen or been too. Often the time of year can have a big influence on how a place is, eg if it’s in drought or stinking hot. The place might have changed from when we were there, prices might have gone up or down, the place might be presented completely differently. What’s expensive or cheap to us might not be too you. We all see life differently, that’s what makes life interesting.

We both have a passion for photography and travel. We are both keen nature photographers and love travelling around the Great South Land called Australia. With our great beaches, tropical rainforest, sprawling deserts, awesome outback and our beautiful mountain ranges there are plenty of photo opportunities, for nature, landscape, wildlife and general photography, travel and photography certainly go hand in hand.

Chris is working full time as a Senior Analyst Programmer in Brisbane so unfortunately we don’t get to travel as much as we would like to. We have both been members of the Peninsula Camera Club, North of Brisbane in Queensland Australia and Kate is a member of the Australian Photographic Society (APS). Kate has been involved in entering National and International Competitions and in 2009 achieved her AAPS photographic honours with the APS and in 2011 was awarded her FAPS Honour with the APS and AFIAP Honour with Fédération internationale de l’art photographique (International Federation of Photographic Art). Please visit our Photography web site to see some of our photos.

We have 2 children, now both adults, one is married and in 2012 we became grandparents 🙂 We live in the sunshine state of Qld in the South East just north of Brisbane. The kids used to come away with us before they decided it wasn’t cool to go with mum and dad anymore and were old enough to stay on their own. Now they have both left home and are living their own lives and have their own families.

We have both grown up camping and when we got married we continued the camping tradition with our children. We have had several camping trailers and in 2005 we upgraded to a Windsor Caravan and bought a 2001 Holden Jackaroo. We had heaps of fun and adventures in the caravan and Jackaroo, went to some awesome places and created some wonderful memories, but alas the time for the caravan also came to an end as we moved onto bigger and better things.

In 2011 we made some significant changes to our setup. As you tell from our site we love to get go into the outback, into the more remote places of Australia. Unfortunately our caravan wasn’t able to get us into the places we wanted to go and the Jackaroo had a limited fuel range.

So in 2011 we sold the caravan and bought an off road hard floor camping trailer from Aussie Swag. It’s very quick to setup and best of all can go pretty well where any 4WD can go. We would have loved a full off road van but at this stage with limited time to go away we can’t justify the money required to purchase one and we haven’t won the lotto yet Smile. We also sold the Jackaroo and bought a diesel 4×4 Holden Colorado Twin Cab Ute to tow it, outback here we come. Please see the page on the Aussie Swag to read about our current setup.


If you would like to contact us, give us some feedback on our travels or ask us any questions just use the contact form.

Happy Travels

Chris and Kate