Q – Cuttaburra Crossing

Cuttaburra Crossing – T, F, OR, B, W, D, DP. 68 kms from Bedourie on the Eyre Developmental Road. There is a toilet and dump point. It opens up to a flat gravel area next to the river, there is a shelter shed with table and seat. A track leads off following the river, there are several small cleared areas near the river to camp. There are several bird hides tucked away amongst the trees. Loads of birdlife and fish jumping in the muddy water. Sort of place you could stay a few days if you had the time. Rating – 5


Q – Heifer Creek

Heifer Creek – F, OR, B, W, D,ND, BR. 41km from Gatton on the Clifton-Gatton Road. Beside a creek is a large grassy area. Lots of trees for shade. Tables and chairs, bins, toilets, creek. Fairly sheltered area. A memorial commemorates the contribution of the Thiess Brothers (Bert and Leslie) to Australian earth moving. Rating – 4

Q – Bengalla Reserve

Bengalla Reserve – F, OR, B, W, M, D,ND, BR –  There are several free camping areas along the Dumesque River not far out of Goondiwindi. Bengalla Reserve, is the fourth one along, the camping areas are sign posted on the main road, there is also a blue skip bin up near the main road. As you enter the reserve you can turn left or right, with the main one running along the top of the bank following the river.

It’s a big area with plenty of flat areas overlooking the river to camp. Also several very large areas away from the river. Even if this place was busy you would still find places to camp. There are roads leading off every where. We really like this place. Rating – 6

Q – Lees Reserve

Lees Reserve, F, OR, B, W, M, D,ND, BR –  There are several free camping areas along the Dumesque River not far out of Goondiwindi. Lees Reserve, is the third one along, the camping areas are sign posted on the main road, there is also a blue skip bin up near the main road. It’s a short drive down a dirt road to a rickety old gate, which must be kept close due to cattle, which do leave their little deposits everywhere. Turns out the cattle aren’t always there.

At the end of the dirt road it opens up to a large flat area on top of the bank of the river, there is also another big open area to the left. Down a steep little hill leads to the river and some areas to camp under the trees. Area is sandy and rocky. You can also find some other little pockets to camp around the place. You can just get mobile reception. Rating – 5

Q – Nindigully Pub

Nindigully Pub – OR, M, W, F, D, ND, S, T, B, BR, DP. 45 km South East of St George is Nindigully Pub or “The Gully” as it’s locally known. This is a large area next to the Moonie River, sites next to the river go quick but they are the dustiest ones. Towards the back isn’t as dusty. Lots of trees, free toilets and showers up behind the pub and toilets and a dump point at the back of the camping area. Fireplaces, table and chairs next to the river, there is also a paved pathway called “Gully Walk” that follows the river with information signs along the way.

Meals can be purchased up at the pub, they are very large meals. There is also a phone box and mail box near the pub. The walls of the pub are dawned with lots of memorabilia, hats, photos and the like. There is a well set up dining room and an outside beer garden with table and chairs and play equipment and even a cubbie for the kids.

The pub and camping area really provide everything a camper would need. More information can be found in our post about the area. The only downside is it is very dusty, due to that we found it hard to rate and most likely people wouldn’t agree with us so we will let you make up your own mind.

Nindigully-Pub Nindigully-Pub-River-area Nindigully-path

Nindigully-Pub-camping Nindigully-Pub-camping-1 Nindigully-Pub-camping-2 Nindigully-Pub-camping-3 Nindigully-Pub-camping-4 Nindigully-Pub-camping-5 Nindigully-Pub-camping-6 Nindigully-Pub-camping-7 Nindigully-Pub-camping-8

Nindigully-Pub-our-camp-area Nindigully-Pub-phone-box Nindigully-Pub-Exposed-Tools Nindigully-Pub-Showers

Q – Balonne River at St George

Balonne River at St George – OR, M, W, F, D, ND. Camping is below the weir at St George, just over the Bridge. Access can be a little rough in places. Several areas to camp near the river or further up. Short pleasant walk into town. Drinking water to fill up water tanks is available at the information centre; you just have to see them inside for a handle for the tap. There is also a dump point into town ask at the info centre. We found St George to be a friendly town. Rating – 4.

Balonne-River-at-St-George Balonne-River-at-St-George-2 Balonne-River-at-St-George-3 Balonne-River-camping-Access Balonne-River-camping-Access-2 Camp-area-at-Balonne-River-St-George Camp-area-at-Balonne-River-St-George-1 Camp-area-at-Balonne-River-St-George-2 Camp-area-at-Balonne-River-St-George-3 Camp-area-at-Balonne-River-St-George-4 Camp-area-at-Balonne-River-St-George-5 Camp-at-Balonne-River-St-George Jess-St-George Roots

N- Lederville Rocky River Retreat

Lederville Rocky River Retreat – OR, D, W, $ – Carton of Corona 26km from Drake NSW. Drake is situation on the Bruxner HWY between Tenterfield and Casino in NSW. Tenterfield is 44km East of Drake. Turnoff is just outside of Drake along Long Gully Road. It’s 26km to Lederville Rocky River Retreat from the turnoff, the first 8km is sealed the rest is a dirt/gravel road which is pretty windy, has some wash outs and creek crossings, it’s slow going but a nice drive. In dry weather a standard car can access the property. Phone reception at Drake.

Ed and Zoe are the owners of Lederville Rocky River Retreat and they generously allow people to camp on their property next to the river. The fee is a carton of Corona Extra Beer regardless of how long you are staying. For groups I think they charged $5 per person per night. No need to stop at the farmhouse, Ed and Zoe will come down and see you sometime. Ed also provides free firewood; there are no facilities so you have to have your own toilet. Lederville Rocky River Retreat can also be found in Wiki Camps. Camped here Easter 2016. Rating – 6

Harveys-Place-2 Harveys-Place Kayaking-up-the-river Harveys-Group Camping-by-the-river Our-area Camping spot 2 Firewood Camping Areas Friendly-Horses

Q – Lawn Hill National Park

Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, OR, M, W, $. Lawn Hill is a favorite and special place for us. Whether you stay here at the National Park or at Adels Grove, you are sure to have a wonderful time. Standard Qld national park fees apply, booking needs to be done online. Each site is separated by pollards and trees and not close to the next site as the photos show. These were sites around us, but all of them were much the same. Some sites are for tents only. Cold showers, plenty of taps spread around the place. Mobile reception only at the national park, dump point up near Adels Grove. Rating – 5

Lawn-Hill-National-Park Lawn-Hill-National-Park-1 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-2 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-3 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-4 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-5 No-9

WA – Ngumpan Cliff Lookout

Ngumpan Cliff Lookout – T, B, F, BR, OR, D. 96 km SE of Fitzroy Crossing, or 192 W of Halls Creek. Large area, well off the road. We pulled in pretty late and it was blowing a gale.Table, chairs, shelter, toilets. Area is a bit exposed to the elements. Rating – 3
Ngumpan-Cliff-Lockout-3 Ngumpan-Cliff-Lockout-4 Ngumpan-Cliff-Lockout-2 Ngumpan-Cliff-Lockout-1 Ngumpan-Cliff-Lockout Ngumpan-Cliff-Lockout-5

WA – Cockburn Rest Area

Cockburn Rest Area – F, N, B, T, DP, BR, D. Right on the junction of the Victoria Hwy and Northern Hwy. 40 km from Kununurra. Close to the road, some shelter, table and chairs, 24hrs stay you wouldn’t want to stay longer, only suitable for a one night stop. Rating – 2

Cockburn-RA Cockburn-RA-1 Cockburn-RA-2 Cockburn-RA-Dump-point Cockburn-RA-Loo