There were several big trucks passing by overnight, making it a bit noisy at times, overall all a good place to stop for the night.

The road up to Burke and Wills Roadhouse was very good and 2 lanes. From there to Normanton the road was rougher and at times only single lane.

We were lucky to have timed our arrival in Normanton with the arrival of the Gulflander. We were excited to see the famous train pulling into the station tooting its horn, Jess started barking at it 🙂 The station is worth a visit even if the train isn’t due.

The famous Purple Pub.

Kyrs the croc 8.63m life size replica of “Kyrs the Savannah King” shot by Krystina Pawlowski in 1957.

We then drove towards Karumba stopping at Walkers Creek Crossing for the night.