Archer Creek Rest Area

We left Cobbold Gorge about 8.30am, the trip back into Forsayth taking the best part of an hour. We stopped at Georgetown for morning tea before continuing along the Savannah Way stopping at any place of interest along the way. One stop was Mt Surprise which is one of the stops of the Savannahlander train … Continue reading Archer Creek Rest Area

Cobbold Gorge Tours

The Cobbold Gorge area has been on our bucket list for a long time. We knew we would not be back in this area for a very long time so wanted to make the most of it. The boat tour down the gorge was a given but Chris talked me into the SUP’S, Stand up … Continue reading Cobbold Gorge Tours

Cobbold Gorge

The road from Forsayth to Cobbold Gorge Village is a wide gravel road that is well maintained. There are several dips that are a bit rough that you really need to slow down for. There are call points along the way where you need to state where you are so oncoming traffic particular the trucks … Continue reading Cobbold Gorge


Our night time spot was very quiet and private and not dusty. We headed off again along the Savannah Way. Stopping at Cumberland Chimney it has a lovely lake with amazing birdlife. Only the chimney from the Cumberland Battery and the man-made lagoon remain from this once thriving mining town. Cumberland was born when gold … Continue reading Forsayth


We got up pretty smartly this morning to pop down to the markets at the Sunset Tavern, walking distance from the park. Even at that time it was warming up and we knew we were in for a hot day. There was only a handful of stalls and not the sort of things we were … Continue reading Croydon

Karumba, Outback by the sea

Karumba, “Outback by the Sea” is a pretty good description of Karumba. The beach is not a typical beach we see on the east coast. There is no green grass or white sandy beaches, can’t even walk in the shallows of the water due to crocs. The water is an amazing blue colour, the shoreline … Continue reading Karumba, Outback by the sea


There were several big trucks passing by overnight, making it a bit noisy at times, overall all a good place to stop for the night. The road up to Burke and Wills Roadhouse was very good and 2 lanes. From there to Normanton the road was rougher and at times only single lane. We were … Continue reading Normanton

Terry Smith Lookout

The wind did die down overnight and isn’t too bad this morning. We really need to go into Cloncurry, we umm and ahhh about doing a run in from here, nearly 120km round trip and then stay another night or 2 or stay here until lunch then just head off do our Cloncurry bits and … Continue reading Terry Smith Lookout

Corella Dam

What an awesome spot and great to see blue water and green grass. We have heard from several other travellers that this was a great spot but it was very busy and spots next to the water were hard to get. It is a large area with plenty of areas away from the water. We … Continue reading Corella Dam

Mary Kathleen

Wow this place is awesome. Mary Kathleen was originally a mining town but was abandoned in 1984 and uranium mining ceased in 1982. Uranium was discovered here in 1954 by Clem Walton and Norm McConachy and the township was named Mary Kathleen after Norm’s wife. The following year Rio Tinto developed the open cut mine … Continue reading Mary Kathleen