Cobbold Gorge Tours

The Cobbold Gorge area has been on our bucket list for a long time. We knew we would not be back in this area for a very long time so wanted to make the most of it. The boat tour down the gorge was a given but Chris talked me into the SUP’S, Stand up Paddle boarding tour as well which works out cheaper if doing in combination with the boat tour.

The boat tour comprises of a drive in their off road buses to the gorge area with commentary along the way about the area. This involves travelling over the river which at present just looks like a dried creek bed. But not far below the surface is a lot of water. The village gets all it’s water from this area with a hose approx 5ft down and then the water pumped up. Apparently it stays at that level all through the dry season.

The bus arrives at a big shed where we all get out and are given some more information about the area before heading off on the escarpment part of the tour. Along this part bush tucker plants are pointed out as well as more info about the area. We have read some comments online that people would rather this was not included. Personally we thought it was great and interesting. Once you get to the top you can look down on the gorge. The glass bridge was in construction which will then enable a different route across the gorge and then back down rather than retracing our steps which we had to do.

Once back down we were then loaded onto the electric boats, that are narrow and flat bottom to be able to go through the gorge which is narrow in some places. Wow the gorge was amazing, in places it can narrow to 2m and is very deep in some places. Amazing colours in the rocks and feels peaceful and isolated from the outside world. We got to see some freshwater crocodiles. It was a very relaxing and peaceful tour that we highly recommend.

Then it was back on the bus and back to the village, all up approx 3hrs.

Ok then it was the SUP’S, have to say I, Kate was very nervous about this and questioned why I let Chris talk me into it. I’m not known for my great balance. There was 3 other young French tourists making us the oldies. I think the guide wasn’t sure about us being there. But like us the young tourists had never been paddle boarding before.

Again a short ride in the bus to the shed pick up a helmet in case you hit your head on the close rock walls, then walk down to the water where we are given some instruction on how to paddle board.

Pleased to say we both did very well and I think surprised the guide with him giving us thumbs up along the way and telling us how good we were going. Main aim was not to fall in, please to say we didn’t but one of the young girls did.

It was certainly a different experience and you get very close to the walls and can take in the serenity of the place. And if I wasn’t concentrating so hard on what I was doing and not falling off it would have enjoyed it more. I was glad that we did the SUP’S and it was a great place to try it for the first time.