Big Bad Red

Chris was keen to do the run up Big Red. He took an easy track to drop me off at the top, so I could take pics. He lowered tyre pressure even more and went back down. View of the road heading towards Birdsville. View back the way we had come over the Simpson Desert. … Continue reading Big Bad Red

French Line continued

We decided to get up early and hopefully make Birdsville and back to the comfort of the trailer. Not that we have been uncomfortable in the tent or on the air bed, in fact we were quite comfy. Just setting it all up was getting a bit thin. Even though we had made things as … Continue reading French Line continued

French Line

The French Line is the shortest, most used and most difficult track across the Simpson. The French Line was name after a French Petroleum Company who put the line in, in the 1960's. It stretches over 1100 sand dunes to Poeppel Corner. We were told the French Line was chopped up and it certainly was. … Continue reading French Line

Mt Dare, Finke & Chambers Pillar

Thursday 19th - We heard dingoes howling several times through the night. Well it was a hard decision but we decided to keep moving, so many wonderful things still to see and experience. Our neighbours wanted a show and tell on the camper and wanted to see how quick it all packed up, we are … Continue reading Mt Dare, Finke & Chambers Pillar

Oodnadatta Track– Day 1

Friday 13th - Last night the wind really came up and was blowing the canvas about waking both of us up. It stopped after a while letting us slumber to nearly 8am. We stopped  for morning tea at Maree and chatted to some others travellers finding out some good info about Alice Springs, costs of … Continue reading Oodnadatta Track– Day 1