Day 20 – 27th April

Wow what a day. We woke early for our 8am flight over Lake Eyre; it was a beautiful sunny day, blue skies, and no wind. We were booked in for a 1hr flight, we were waiting out the front of Wright Air with some of the other passengers doing different flights, we were the only … Continue reading Day 20 – 27th April

Day 19 – 26th April

We had a nice quiet night last night all by ourselves. We drove the 100km straight into William Creek as there wasn’t anything to see on the way. We arrived about morning tea time, Chris filled the car with very expensive petrol, $1.85.9. We then had a quick cuppa, unhooked the van, checked we were … Continue reading Day 19 – 26th April

Day 18 – 25th April

We do the fly swipe here, we do the fly swipe there, we do the fly swipe here and then we sweep them all up. You can get quiet a tune going. Then in the car we have to avoid the couple of dozen or so of flies on each of us as we get … Continue reading Day 18 – 25th April