Piece of cake

When we were asking questions from people who had done the OTT before we heard comments like it’s a piece of cake, no worries, you will be right just take it easy. Then these same people would list the damage done to 4wd and trailer as if it was some sort of honour badge. Also … Continue reading Piece of cake

Old Coach Road Videos

This is a 3 part video on the Old Coach Road; it starts at Little Laura Creek where the Old Coach Roach really starts. The video camera was secured on the side of the camping trailer, in future we will endeavour to move the camera around to other positions, doesn't show how rough the track … Continue reading Old Coach Road Videos

The Tip of Cape York

30/7/13 - We woke to blue skies, no wind and an amazing view that is so hard to take, trip up to the tip today and a look around the area. The roads are here are still mostly dirt. We took a shortcut to the main road that leads to the tip. First stop along … Continue reading The Tip of Cape York

Beautiful Breathtaking Waterfalls

Some videos of the amazing waterfalls and swimming areas in the Jardine River National Park. We really loved our time here and look forward to going back and spending a week in the National Park. Eliot Falls [youtube=http://youtu.be/kD_FD7VsRO4] Twin Falls [youtube=http://youtu.be/74uG0UISYJA] The Saucepan [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VOpbR_kysU] Fruit Bat Falls [youtube=http://youtu.be/mqFjkAGLHnM]

Q – Cockatoo Creek – Cape York Area

Cockatoo Creek - F, OR, T, D. On the Old Telegraph Track. Nice big camping area, several different spots. Toilet, creek to paddle in. On the north side of the creek left hand side, there is a smaller area on the right. Easily stay here for a few days and watch people crossing the creek. Rating … Continue reading Q – Cockatoo Creek – Cape York Area