Hot pools, windy hills and waterfalls

13/8/13 – Up early, packed up and on the road just after 8.30am from a caravan park is pretty good for us.

We filled up with fuel before heading off. First stop was Windy Hill just north of Ravenshoe where there are 20 wind turbines. It was the first wind farm to be constructed in Qld. Can see why it’s called Windy Hill it was freezing there.

Windy-Hill Wind-Turbines

Millstream Falls are reputed to being the widest falls in Australia. They didn’t seem that wide, maybe in full flood, or there was more to what we could see. It’s a easy walk downhill on the bitumen pathway, bit of a steep climb coming back up.

Millstream-Falls Millstream-Falls-1

Little Millstream Falls is also in the area. We didn’t call in this time but from memory we thought they were nicer falls.

Innot hot springs are a bit bizarre. Hot water flows into the creek and in places is very very hot. You can see the steam above the water. Further upstream is cool. People dig holes and mix the cool and hot water to get the right temp. Be warned we have read about people getting burnt from going straight into the hot water. Chris had a paddle and said it was indeed very hot. It was also a bit green and slimy in areas, not the most appealing hot pools we have come across.

Innot-Hot-Springs Innot-Hot-Springs-picnic-area Innot-Hot-Springs-soaking Innot-Hot-Springs-Slimy

There are also commercial hot pools at the caravan park.

We started heading south knocking back the km as we headed towards Charters Towers and hopefully stop the night at Fletcher Creek. We stopped for lunch near a creek and sat under the shade in the breeze watching the water cascade down some rocks.

It’s a pretty good road along the Gregory Development; most of it is two lanes and pretty smooth. There are some short areas of one lane. Lots or road kill though, we have seen roos, wild boar, birds and a couple of deer. A cow nearly became another victim as it ran in front of us, we had to apply the brake hard. A large bird nearly ended up as a hood ornament, so watch for animals.

We arrived at Fletcher Creek at 4.30pm and the place was already very full. There are 3 areas, one north of the river as you are heading north from Charters Towers. The other two, either side of the road on the south side of the river as you head north from Charters Towers. We didn’t take to the first area and it was pretty full.


We went south of the river and found some open areas where we were able to find a spot with no close neighbours.


After a cuppa we went for a walk and checked out the river and the waterfront sites, can see why it is a popular spot. You meet some very interesting characters at these places from all walks of life. Many here have been here for weeks and do a run into town once a week. Some bring their whipper snippers to clear the grass around them and a nice clear path to the creek 🙂 they all seem to get on well and give each other a ribbing.


It is much warmer here than at the tablelands.


Click on the link above for a larger version in Google Maps of the days travels.