The Atherton Tablelands

9/8/13 – Brrr it was a cold night. After the warm nights we had up further north it took us by surprise. Lucky I still had some winter PJ’s in the camper. Poor Chris had a cold night.

First stop was the Mareeba information centre. It’s also the heritage museum. The museum was amazing best museum like this we have seen. It’s free but they do ask for donations. After you have seen it you won’t hesitate to give a donation.

School-RoomUndara-Train Odd-drop Old-wheelbarrow Dunny Work-Shop Mareeba-Heritage-Museum Kitchen Having-a-chat-with-mates Butcher Blacksmith

We have decided that since we had a few days up our sleeve before the log slog home we would chill out for a few days in the Atherton Tablelands area. We wanted to leave the trailer safety so have opted to spend a few nights in a caravan park but this time we were asking to see the sites before we handed over any hard earned cash.

We did find the place was busy, vans and motorhomes everywhere. Apparently they liked the idea of stopping a few days after their return home from a convention at Cooktown. So the first place we looked at was packed, right on Lake Tinaroo. Open area didn’t seem to have designated sites and people were close together. Second we tried was full and couldn’t get us in, small place though.

Third place we hit pay dirt. Now caravan parks take note. This place offers the travellers a reason to stay. $30 powered site, garden/trees between each reasonable sized site. Tap, sullage and lovely green grass at each site. So nice to wiggle our toes in it 🙂 has a pool, amenities are old but very clean. The whole park is well cared for. Atherton Holiday Park you have done well and get our vote. Comparing this to the one we stayed at Cooktown for the same price is chalk and cheese.

Atherton-Caravan-Park Atherton-Caravan-Park-Amenities Atherton-Caravan-Park-grassy-sites Atherton-Caravan-Park-grassy-sites-1

We bought ourselves a cheap a heater to use when we are on power, it’s another cold night. Days are still rather warm.