Q – Fletcher Creek

Fletcher Creek – F, B, BR, D, OR, M. Telstra mobile when plugged into an external aerial. 42km north of Charters Towers. 1 month limit. Has 3 camping areas. We are naming them areas 1, 2 & 3. Area 1, when heading north from Charters Towers on the left hand side, south side of river. Area 2, when heading north from Charters Towers on the right hand side, south side of river. Area 3, when heading north from Charters Towers north side of river, near toilet block.

Area 1, very large area, some prime real estate here with some great sites close to the river. Away from river there are large open areas dried grass and dust, has some trees for shade. This area is very popular get in early. Rating – 5

Area 2, people camp on either side of the road. Easy access to the river. This area was pretty full when we went through. Rating – 4.

Area 3, there is a toilet block which has an open cleared area. According to Camps Australia Wide there are showers, one assumes is in the toilet block but we didn’t go in, so can’t confirm this. This area also extends along way, it’s kind of like find a cleared spot among the long grass. There are several tracks leading off to clearings. Some people looked like they have been there a while, well over the 1 month limit and some weren’t very friendly with signs up telling people to go away. Rating – 3.