Cape York – OTT Videos

Finally got these done, on a roll. 🙂 Lots to learn with all the editing, and you learn a lot about your videoing. 🙂 The Go Pro was either fixed on the outside of the Ute or on the side of the trailer. Next trip we will be moving the camera around a bit more. … Continue reading Cape York – OTT Videos

Northern Section OTT

29/7/13 - Today we complete the northern section of the Old Telegraph Track. We were packed up by 8am and then went down to The Saucepan for a quick dip to cool off. First creek crossing was Canal Creek, no problems, just had to watch out for a few holes when approaching the creek. Next was … Continue reading Northern Section OTT

Eliot Falls

26/7/13 - It was a quiet night and we had a good night sleep. Most people were on the move early, we didn't have far to go today so we stayed and charged up batteries and did some washing before heading out. We parted with our fellow companions of the last few days, nice people, … Continue reading Eliot Falls

Southern section of the OTT

25/7/13 - We slept good, packed up and on the road by 8.15am with our companions behind us. First creek crossing for the day was North Alice. First entry had a steep drop into the creek a bit further around was another entry both used the same exit, all got through  no worries. There are … Continue reading Southern section of the OTT

Bramwell Junction

24/7/13 - It was a rather noisy night and warm and then we were awake early with the birds. It was heating up fast, so we packed up and then had showers. Left the park around 9am. Filled up with fuel $1.70L, then called into Woolworths, got a hot chicken for lunch and some bread. Bread … Continue reading Bramwell Junction