Cape York – OTT Videos

Finally got these done, on a roll. 🙂 Lots to learn with all the editing, and you learn a lot about your videoing. 🙂 The Go Pro was either fixed on the outside of the Ute or on the side of the trailer. Next trip we will be moving the camera around a bit more. … Continue reading Cape York – OTT Videos

Q – Cockatoo Creek – Cape York Area

Cockatoo Creek - F, OR, T, D. On the Old Telegraph Track. Nice big camping area, several different spots. Toilet, creek to paddle in. On the north side of the creek left hand side, there is a smaller area on the right. Easily stay here for a few days and watch people crossing the creek. Rating … Continue reading Q – Cockatoo Creek – Cape York Area

Southern section of the OTT

25/7/13 - We slept good, packed up and on the road by 8.15am with our companions behind us. First creek crossing for the day was North Alice. First entry had a steep drop into the creek a bit further around was another entry both used the same exit, all got through  no worries. There are … Continue reading Southern section of the OTT