Fruit Bat Falls

27/7/13 – Would not have even known there were others around last night it was so quiet. We went for a swim this morning at Twin Falls, good time to go as there weren’t many around, like having a natural spa, awesome.


Swimming-at-Twin-Falls Swimming-at-Twin-Falls-2



Took a few photos at the Saucepan before it started to rain and we headed back to camp.


After lunch we checked out the next crossing up Canal Creek, should be no worries. Met a few local people who were talking about being careful with Nolan’s due the depth, one guy camped there last night and watched a few people ruin their cars, so he said.

Then a trip back to Fruitbat Falls. We pretty well had the place to ourselves. So timing where people were concern was perfect but the weather wasn’t kind, with overcast skies. It has actually rained on and off all day.





Fruitbat-Falls 1


Click on the link above for a larger version in Google Maps of the days travels.