Cape York – OTT Videos

Finally got these done, on a roll. 🙂 Lots to learn with all the editing, and you learn a lot about your videoing. 🙂 The Go Pro was either fixed on the outside of the Ute or on the side of the trailer. Next trip we will be moving the camera around a bit more. It’s hard when it’s only the two of us, one has to drive, the other directs and takes the photos. I’ve just bought a item that will let me hook the Go Pro onto the camera’s hot shoe so it will see what I see and we are looking at a bean bag thing to be able to quickly move the Go Pro to other positions. Just about need 2 camera’s to get all angles. 🙂

In July 2013 we towed an Aussie Swag Camping Trailer up the Old Telegraph Track. There are 2 parts, Southern Section and Northern Section. We travelled solo but help is never far away if needed. Our trip was uneventful but we do know of many who had some issues along the way.

Southern Section

Northern Section