Mt Moffatt – Injune – Lonesome

5th April - Slept well last night it was also a bit warmer. While we waiting for the canvas to dry from the dew we chatted a bit more to one of our neighbours before packing up and then having morning tea. On the way out we stopped at the Chimneys Circuit. A 5.8 km … Continue reading Mt Moffatt – Injune – Lonesome

Day 5 – Mon 1st

What a rotten night sleep, I had to sit up all night due to coughing. It also rained during the night and thoughts of will we get out crossed my mind, as they say in wet weather the road becomes impassable. The plan today was to head up to the 4wd part of the park … Continue reading Day 5 – Mon 1st

Day 4 – Sun 31st

We have had a busy day. In the morning we went to Marlong Arch. This is a natural sandstone arch that doesn’t look like it’s staying up there by much. A chain saw could have come in handy as trees were in the way of the photo we wanted to take. Still took lots of … Continue reading Day 4 – Sun 31st