Day 3 – Sat 30th

I had more hours sleep but a cough has set in and woke during the night with a really tight chest and unable to breath out of the nose. Had to have Sudafed and use the Asthma puffer during the night. We picked up some cough medicine, Vicks and a few other medical stuff to hopefully help me. Looks like it is Asthma bought on by the cold, at time of writing I have pretty well lost my voice and I cough if I try and talk. Hope I feel better soon.

We left Injune around 10am on our way to Mt Moffat National Park. First 70km are bitumen; the next 90km is dirt. Oh we saw another Echidna crossing the road, this one quite quick, we stopped and raced out to have a look as we got close he stuffed his head under some grass, I have a photo of his butt.

The dirt road in is pretty rough. The first half is sandy and the going wasn’t too bad, the second half was terrible. Lots of corrugations, things were moving around a lot in the car so we stopped and checked the van several times. A  shelf in the fridge had fallen off but no damage. 2 eggs had cracked but Chris had them for lunch so no waste.

Mt-Moffat-Road Mt-Moffat-Road-2Mt-Moffatt-Roads-1

There is an old hut and cattle yards on the way which we stopped and took a few photos, not good lighting though so we will stop on the way out. We got here around 3pm that included stopping for morning tea and lunch, it’s a slow trip in, but we made it. Oh we passed or should I say ran over the top of one lucky goanna. It just ran straight in front of us, we think it went in front of the left front tyre and behind the right front tyre, must have taken some skin off.

Old-Fence Old-Hut

Wow, yep that’s what we said when we pulled into Dargonelly Rock Hole Camping area. A good size bush grass area along the creek with birds whizzing about every where. There is one other camper who is leaving tomorrow. It is so peaceful here beautiful blue sky surrounded by trees and the only noise coming from the many birds flying around. While we were having a cuppa and some slice, 2 cheeky magpies kept coming up, trying to get any crumps. One flew onto my foot stool, so I got some crumps and hand fed it, then it hopped onto my legs. I shooed it away but it came back and then decided that my toes looked good enough to eat so it had a nibble, cheeky thing. After a cuppa we had a walk around and a good chat to the bloke camping on his own.


After a very yummy tea we went looking for frogs, found a few very small ones but not a lot. It’s a very mild night out there. We have been surprised how warm it has been so far. On the way in we kept seeing these holes made by some creature on the road, in groups, we thought they were too big for ants but on our walk tonight we saw lots of little ants coming out of the holes. They must be nocturnal ants as they didn’t like the torch and they weren’t out during the day.

The new set up with the table and chairs is working a treat. Apart from the brakes the only other issue we had had is getting food out of the new freezer. I was so concerned about just getting the food in I didn’t put a lot of thought to what order it went in, was hoping it would just sort it self out as we ate our way through it. But Murphy’s Law dictates the thing you want has to be right down the very bottom and when you have pulled it out all the food you didn’t want to falls in the hole. Push here and there and we managed to get the lid down quick.