Day 7 – Wed 3rd

I slept sitting up all night but I slept and so did Chris. We were joking how the people in the powered sites above us would be looking at the van and car thinking heck where have they been. We headed up for a shower and were amazed at how dirty the car and van were. As we walked up a lady said hello and asked where we had been, we said Mt Moffat and with that another guy came out his van and wanted to know all about our adventure. A small crowd started to gather and we told our tales of woe and dread and our courage and determination to get through (hee hee). One bloke was planning to head out to Mt Moffat today but decided against it. The ranger had told him you might get in but you won’t get out.After our shower we went to the info centre to pay for a couple of nights here. The lady had heard of our tales and saw the state of the van, all were amazed we got through. You just have to mention Mt Moffat to the locals and they raise the eye brows and say you won’t get out there and how lucky we were to get out.

Muddy-1 Muddy-2

Yesterday was very stressful, we can have a laugh about it now and we have one heck of a story to tell but it still sends shivers down our spine and we are the talk of the town. The lady at the Info centre made sure we got a powered site tonight, she said we deserved it. The van is supposed to be semi off road but after yesterday mate it’s an off road van. It held together really well, the fridge shelf came off again, doesn’t like those corrugations. And considering the conditions the Jack did very well as well. I’m really proud of Chris he did really great job getting us out. I had some new experiences yesterday towing us out of the bogs and was really proud of myself for getting us out of it but I said to Chris lets not do that again.


We pulled the van out to the local wash down area for the trucks, to give the van a good hose down. We were waiting behind a cattle truck for ages, and then a local Ute came and went in another spot we didn’t know about. The truckie then comes over and tells us the high pressure hose he is using needs a special key and we need to use the wash area the Ute is using. So after waiting for an hour we finally got to hose down the vehicles, mud was caked on really thick but gee under all the mud there was van under there and even some gas bottles. We both got wet and muddy cleaning it all down. We came back to our site and had another one of those lovely showers.


We will check the road conditions tomorrow; it is supped to rain tonight, tomorrow and then clear on Friday. From now on this epic adventure is now called Chris and Kate’s peaceful adventure.We are using today to clean up, washing has been down, inside the van cleaned, car cleaned and mats as best they can be. Water is filled up and we will be ready to hit the road to Carnarvon tomorrow we hope. We have been asking the locals about the weather and road conditions as that can also become impassable and we didn’t want to be stuck at the park out there unable to do anything. Injune is supposed to get a lot of rain tonight and tomorrow. The guy at the Newsagent, come chemist come nursery rang his mate who lives out that way to ask about conditions. It was raining out that way at the time. The guy at the shop looked at the radar for us and even told us to come and have a look. Every one here is very friendly and wants us to stay in Injune a few nights, properly because we are buying a few things here. We bought some more washing powder and tissues and the tissues must have extra healing power, well they better have at over $5 a box, also had to get some more Sudafed type stuff. Fingers crossed I am over the worst of this.