Lake Nuga Nuga

7th April - It drizzled light rain all night. We woke to overcast skies. We were ready to get up early with the birds as it were but it was raining and the birds didn't get up that early. It wasn't until 10.30am before the Lillie's started to open. We spent the day walking around … Continue reading Lake Nuga Nuga

Q – Nuga Nuga National Park

Nuga Nuga National Park - $, OF, W. There are no facilities at the lake, camping is bush camping wherever you can find a spot it seems. There are lots of areas around the lake. Sites are rocky, and uneven, lots of trees, lots of flies, lots of bugs. Self registration at hut. Awesome spot, … Continue reading Q – Nuga Nuga National Park

Nuga Nuga National Park

6th April - After packing up we ducked back up to the lookout and picnic area. Great views back over the valley. Wow Nuga Nuga Lake is huge. It is the largest natural water body within the central Qld sandstone belt. And birds wow, heaps of them. Dead trees in the lake with lots of … Continue reading Nuga Nuga National Park