Nuga Nuga National Park

6th April – After packing up we ducked back up to the lookout and picnic area. Great views back over the valley.

Lake-Nuga-Nuga Lake-Nuga-Nuga-1


Wow Nuga Nuga Lake is huge. It is the largest natural water body within the central Qld sandstone belt. And birds wow, heaps of them. Dead trees in the lake with lots of purple water lilies at the bases. Drats we didn’t bring the kayak this trip. The birds are little far out onto the water for my lens and rather skittish. So far we have seen black swans, ducks, darters, cormorants, terns, white faced herons, great egrets, kites, pelicans, great crested grebes, spoonbill, geese, kookaburras, plus a few others we can’t identify. The terns are swooping down getting fish. The sky is dark and gloomy with the threat of rain. Heaps of kangaroos.



There are no facilities at the lake, camping is bush camping wherever you can find a spot it seems. Sites are rocky, and uneven, lots of trees, lots of flies, lots of bugs. We are camped out on an island overlooking the lake. Ok as long as we don’t get heavy rain. There are lots of dead trees on the ground, we assume it’s from trees that have washed up from the lake in times of flood. It seems we are in the prime spot though as any newcomers head here first. There are tracks leading around the lake and one assumes campsites too. It seems to be a popular spot.


We met some boys who had been having a mud fight. They were covered in mud front and back, they were heading into the water to wash off, good luck.


We finished the day off eating tea around the fire and even though it was overcast we did get a bit of a sunset over the lake. The light rain ended our night early.

20130406 Nuga Nuga