N – Main Weir Campground

Main Weir Campground – T, B, OR, F, W, D. 19 km NE of Menindee. Turn onto Main Weir Road 8 km N of Menindee. 9 km of dirt road with lots of corrugations. This area is on the edge of the Darling River and Lake Wetherill. It’s split into 2 areas one on the Darling River the other next to Lake Wetherill, this was the most crowded area when we were there as it’s popular spot for boaties. Lake Wetherill is a great and fascinating spot to canoe around with all the dead trees sticking out of the water. The river is also a great place to canoe down with lots of birdlife in both areas. Might not be accessible in wet weather. Rating – 4

Camp Spot

Lake-Wetherill Lake-Wetherill-1