Day 8 – 15th April

We had a bit of a sleep in and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading down to Lake Wetherill for a paddle. It was really fun, relaxing and interesting paddling amongst all the dead gnarly trees. The trees are quite fascinating up close. There were heaps of little birds, Kites, galahs living in the trees, Cormorants and egrets also make their home on the lake. It’s great to have the point and shoot but also very frustrating as it doesn’t have the lens reach and is way too slow to catch the birds. A few muscles are a wee bit sore.

Canoe Camera

We came back and put the washing on and filled the tanks. It’s a bit breezy today so great drying weather.

Trees-On-Lake-Wetherill Trees-On-Lake-Wetherill2

We went for another paddle on the Darling River this time on another arm of the river. There were lots of birds but they obviously aren’t used to people as they didn’t let us get anywhere near them. It was very pleasant and cool. The flies here are enough to make people go crazy.Later in the arvo we moved camp spots about 1km up the road on the edge of Lake Wetherill, change of scenery, more birds and closer to the sunrise tomorrow morning.

We attempted another sunset but it’s not doing its bit and was a bit of a fizzer again.