Day 25 -25th April

We had a good night sleep with everyone being quiet; it was a cold night though. We had a nice sleep in and a leisurely morning before packing our lunch and heading off to the Cape Otway Lightstation. The light has been operating since 1848 and is on towering sea cliffs 80 meters above where … Continue reading Day 25 -25th April

V – Johanna Beach Campground

Johanna Beach Campground – T, OR, F, just M, D, BR. 15 km S of Lavers Hill on the Great Ocean Rd, few kms drive into the campground. Large grassy areas, several sections to choose from. Very short walk to the beach, popular on long weekends and holidays. Great spot as a base for the … Continue reading V – Johanna Beach Campground

Day 24- 24th April

We had such nice neighbours who moved on yesterday only to be replaced by some very inconsiderate rude so and so’s. They talked loud, had loud music on until nearly 2am last night, obviously keeping us awake. There was also another group a bit further up just outside the park keeping people awake up there. … Continue reading Day 24- 24th April

Day 23 -23rd April

We have decided to book in for another night at the park, several reasons the biggest one is the Jackaroo is having some issues. It runs on Gas and Unleaded Petrol, well the petrol side isn't working at all. Leaving us only gas and with our short towing range on Gas it has the potential to have … Continue reading Day 23 -23rd April

Day 22 – 22nd April

The legs are not quite as sore today. We have had a couple of bus loads of boys staying at the park, even though they did quieten down at night they have made big messes in the toilet block every day. We started off a bit earlier today, we headed back up the road we … Continue reading Day 22 – 22nd April

Day 21 -21st April

Wow, ouch. Yep that is how we are feeling, mostly me as my calves are very sore from all the steps yesterday. They are ok once you are moving and the muscles have warmed up but when you have been sitting in the car and then get out and walk ouchhhhhhhhh. We were a bit … Continue reading Day 21 -21st April

Day 20 – 20th April

It was a lot quieter night last night, we did have a whiz bang van join us later in the night they were quiet once they stopped playing the guitar. In the morning we had some Crimson Rosellas come and have a bath at the dirty little water hole that was near our camp, it … Continue reading Day 20 – 20th April

Day 17 -17th April

This morning we are catching up on bits, cleaning up as we leave Melbourne tomorrow morning, visiting some friends along the way. This afternoon we are going in to see the Old Melbourne Goal, apparently we can be arrested in a modern day police station by a Charge Sergeant, get locked up in the cells … Continue reading Day 17 -17th April