Campsite keys and options

In the past we have listed what interest us, what needs we have, etc. As stated before we started this for our benefit but now we are finding many other travelers are also finding this information useful, which is great 🙂 We have had a number of people ask us to list whether a place allows … Continue reading Campsite keys and options

Campsites and Rest Areas

Sometimes it can be difficult to post on the road, so often we leave updating the website with our campsites until we get home. Every time we post onto our site it does send out an email to everyone following our site. This does mean you could get a whole heap of posts about campsites … Continue reading Campsites and Rest Areas

V – Johanna Beach Campground

Johanna Beach Campground – T, OR, F, just M, D, BR. 15 km S of Lavers Hill on the Great Ocean Rd, few kms drive into the campground. Large grassy areas, several sections to choose from. Very short walk to the beach, popular on long weekends and holidays. Great spot as a base for the … Continue reading V – Johanna Beach Campground