Day 23 -23rd April

We have decided to book in for another night at the park, several reasons the biggest one is the Jackaroo is having some issues. It runs on Gas and Unleaded Petrol, well the petrol side isn’t working at all. Leaving us only gas and with our short towing range on Gas it has the potential to have us stuck somewhere if we can’t get gas. We only just made it back home last night as we didn’t know we had this problem until the Jack wouldn’t start; we were concerned about running out of gas all the way home.

We also haven’t had a chance to walk around Apollo Bay yet or the beach from the park. Don’t know how much beach walking we will get done as it’s raining, causing Chris issues when he is trying to work out what is wrong with the Jackaroo. It’s given me chance to catch up on a few things.

Chris worked on the jack for hours in the rain, got soaking wet and cold, he could not find the problem with the Jack, so we will have to take it to get fixed after the long weekend. We will have to be very mindful of how many km’s we have done between fills, since we can’t just swap over to petrol if we run out of gas.

It rained all day and was quite cool; we eventually got into Apollo Bay. Did some shopping at the IGA in the main street, it’s a suck in for tourists. The fruit and veggies weren’t that fresh, the place wasn’t exactly clean and the staff weren’t very friendly. We found the Foodworks store in a street opposite the Tourist Info, chalk and cheese, veggies looked much fresher, bigger store, clean and friendly staff this is where the locals shop.

We did eventually get down to the beach, with umbrellas trying to fly away in the wind; there was just a touch of colour in the sky. Even in this weather it was still nice, be awesome in good weather with a great sunset.

The place is filling up with people getting away for the long weekend.

I forgot to mention yesterday when we were scoping out the area for free camping spots we saw 2 foxes.