Day 24- 24th April

We had such nice neighbours who moved on yesterday only to be replaced by some very inconsiderate rude so and so’s. They talked loud, had loud music on until nearly 2am last night, obviously keeping us awake. There was also another group a bit further up just outside the park keeping people awake up there. The people next to us were in tents and had spread themselves across the back of 2 power sites, so the management is going to sort them out. Chris was also kept awake trying to still solve the Jackaroo problem.


We have moved on from the Apollo Bay area and stopped at one of the free camping spots we scoped out the other day. Called Johanna Beach, turn off is between Glenaire and Lavers Hill on the Great Ocean Road. The camping area is just behind some sand dunes next to the beach. There are several areas, some are level some a bit sloppy and some more protected from the wind than others, there is several more around the place, including another area about 300m, so it is spread out over a big area. After we had people keeping us awake last night we were careful where we put ourselves. We expected it to be packed, but it wasn’t when we came in. Several other caravans have come into our area suitable spaced, people are arriving all the time, fingers crossed it will be a quiet night.

Johanna-Beach - 02

It is a brilliant spot and if the weather was nice it would be lovely on the beach. This area is used as a surf beach for contests when the waves aren’t good at Bells Beach. So as you can imagine there were a few surfers when we walked down to the beach. They weren’t sticking around too long though as it was howling, there is a gale force warning out for this area. The wind was blowing the sand onto our legs like sharp little rocks; we didn’t stick around too long either. We are reasonable protected where we are camped, is raining on and off and is freezing outside in that wind. We had said the weather had been pretty mild up until now, not so bad in the van.


It is cooling down outside, and is a bit of noise but it’s only early and the cold may force them into warm beds. No luck with the Jack yet, but not from a lack of trying on Chris’s part.