N – Burke and Wills Campground

Burke and Wills Campground – T, B, OR, F, M, D, DW. 18 km NE of Menindee. Turn onto Main Weir Road 8 km N of Menindee. We loved this whole Menindee area, it gets very busy on holidays. Very large area, dusty, trees, next to an arm of the darling River. Has plenty of taps with drinkable water. There are bins but they were overflowing when we were there due to the crowds from Easter the week before. Lots of flies,  9 km of dirt road with lots of corrugations. Might not be accessible in wet weather.  Rating – 4

Burke-and-Wills Burke-and-Wills-1 Burke-and-Wills-2 Burke-and-Wills-Camping-area

N – Lake Pamamaroo Campground

Lake Pamamaroo Campground – B, F, D. 16 km NE of Menindee. Turn onto Main Weir Road 8 km N of Menindee. Dirt road with lots of corrugations. Camp area along the lake, it’s a long area but not very wide in places so can be close to the dusty road. The lake was dry when we were there but would be awesome camping when the lake it full. This is a popular spot during holidays. Toilets can be found at other near by campgrounds. Rating – 3

N – Spring Hill Rest Area

Spring Hill Rest Area – T, B, F, N, M, BR, D. 74 km W of Wilcannia or 122 km E of Broken Hill. This stop is pretty close to the road, so was a bit noisy. It was also pretty full, so get in there early. It’s on the straight bit of road between Broken Hill and Wilcannia, so there is not much choice in places to stop. Still good place to talk to other travellers. Rating – 2.5

N – Little Styx River Campground

Little Styx River Campground – T, B, OR, F, BR, D. 21Km S of Ebor in NSW, turn off 11 km along Waterfall Way, 10km down dirt road, just before the New England National Park. Big grassy area next to creek, lots of shade, huge horse flies that bite, popular spot, can get cold at nights. Allows long stays we met several people who had taken refuge in there for the school holidays. We have stopped in here several times, worth the detour in, very quiet. Rating – 5

Little-Styx Little-Styx-1 Little-Styx-2 Little-Styx-3

N – Tooloom Falls

Tooloom Falls –T, OR, F, M, W, BR. 6km from Urbenville in NSW, 3 km of dirt road. Large treey area along the river and next to Tooloom Falls. Frogs at night time, flies during the day, some birds, pit toilet, great views, popular day spot for trail bike riders using the adjoining forest. Popular with campers. We stayed here for several nights, lots to see in the area. Rating – 5

Tooloom-Falls Tooloom-Falls-1 Tooloom-Falls-2 Tooloom-Falls-3