N- Lederville Rocky River Retreat

Lederville Rocky River Retreat – OR, D, W, $ – Carton of Corona 26km from Drake NSW. Drake is situation on the Bruxner HWY between Tenterfield and Casino in NSW. Tenterfield is 44km East of Drake. Turnoff is just outside of Drake along Long Gully Road. It’s 26km to Lederville Rocky River Retreat from the turnoff, the first 8km is sealed the rest is a dirt/gravel road which is pretty windy, has some wash outs and creek crossings, it’s slow going but a nice drive. In dry weather a standard car can access the property. Phone reception at Drake.

Ed and Zoe are the owners of Lederville Rocky River Retreat and they generously allow people to camp on their property next to the river. The fee is a carton of Corona Extra Beer regardless of how long you are staying. For groups I think they charged $5 per person per night. No need to stop at the farmhouse, Ed and Zoe will come down and see you sometime. Ed also provides free firewood; there are no facilities so you have to have your own toilet. Lederville Rocky River Retreat can also be found in Wiki Camps. Camped here Easter 2016. Rating – 6

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