Plenty to the Tanami

18/6/14 - Another cool night, it's the wind that is the killer, without that it wouldn't be so bad. The only sound we heard last night was a few dingoes. We were up well before the sun, early breaky waiting for the sun to light up the rocks. On the road by 8.30am Qld time, … Continue reading Plenty to the Tanami

Plenty Hwy Day 2

17/6/14 - Gee the nights keep getting cooler. We were on the road by 9am. The road on the west side of Arthur Creek is better than the East side. Wide gravel road that is still corrugated but the corrugations aren't as deep. On some areas of the road it is wide smooth and compacted … Continue reading Plenty Hwy Day 2

Plenty Hwy Day 1

16/6/14 - We were thankful for the heater again last night with it being the coldest night so far. We were on the road by 9am. The road for the next hundred Kms or so was more rutted and boggy. There were areas were the landscape was flat with no trees, others area were quite … Continue reading Plenty Hwy Day 1


15/6/14 - So glad we had the heater on, it was rather a chilly night but we were nice and toasty in the camper. We fueled up and had morning tea at Winton before heading down the Min Min byway aka the Kennedy Developmental Road to Boulia. The road to Boulia is a lot more … Continue reading Boulia