Moving north

As we continue to slowly move north we had to be very mindful again of wet muddy ground and pick any over night stops very carefully. We stopped at Dululu for a night and managed to get a concrete slab for our annex which was cool and gravel to park on. It’s a great donation … Continue reading Moving north

Day 16 – Friday 12th

Our night at Emerald wasn’t as bad as we expected. The road quieten down fairly early, we did have a very long coal train go over our heads about 2.30am and another one a bit later, that woke us up. We stopped at the Blackwater International Coal Centre that had only been open for 2 … Continue reading Day 16 – Friday 12th

Day 15 – Thurs 11th

We left Carnarvon at 8.30am, went past the Fairburn Dam on the way to Emerald, the one that was on the news recently with the flood and water pouring over the overflow. It is one huge dam, very muddy at the moment. Also saw another Echidna crossing the road, it was nearly half way across … Continue reading Day 15 – Thurs 11th