The life of a traveller

Tues 28th – Breaky just outside Barcaldine, morning tea at Alpha, lunch at Emerald, arvo tea at Blackwater, tea at Dululu,  ahh the life of the traveller.

The rest area under the bridge, near the Botanical Gardens at Emerald was packed by 2pm. Not that we were staying there, don’t know what’s so good about the place. Rail bridge runs over the top, right next to the main road of town, very busy place. Not everything that is free is good, but the advantage of  having your home on wheels is if you don’t like a place you can move on. Duaringa rest area was also very busy.


We stopped late for the night at Dululu, which was also packed but too late to find anything else. Power and shower is available for a fee paid at the hotel. Even though it’s a big area and nice setting it’s close to a major intersection that has loads of trucks most of the night.