Poeppel Corner

Another one of the markers showing distance, with someone’s added creation.

We did the slight detour into Poeppel Corner, that’s the three corners for us now, great view over the lake. Poepple Corner marks the junction of three states.

We popped back onto the small section of French Line to finish it all before hooking onto a small bit of the K1 line before we turned onto the QAA.

Going across the salt lakes is fun, it’s crazy seeing all the wheel ruts where people have got bogged when it was wet, some are very deep.

The QAA was also pretty rough, the scenery constantly changes.

We came across a couple of vehicles one was a Ford Ranger that had broken a front strut. The sad thing about it was they had done the other one a few days ago at the start of the QAA and one of their group had done a run into Birdsville, twice to get the new strut. Now they were taking off the other one to do another run into town in the hope of getting it fixed.

We could smell Big Red, we were nearly there, ready and willing to tackle the biggest sand dune on the Simpson.