Normanton to Julia Creek

Thur 23 rd – We stopped for the night at Walkers Creek 29kms outside Normanton about 5 other campers were in there. It was a warm night, with a low of 20, bit different than the minus 3 we were getting in Alice Springs not so long ago. 35 during the day

We stopped in Normanton and had a bit of a look around the town. Not a lot there,  a purple pub, few other shops. It’s also home to the croc known as Krys, the replica is supposed to be an accurate artist impression of the largest  recorded saltwater crocodile in the world 28ft 4 in (8.63m) shot in 1957.

Krys-eating-Chris Kyrs Kyrs-The-Savannah-King

The information centre is worth dropping in on, a bit of a museum for the town too. As is the railway station, home of the Gulf Savannah Train, all done up very nicely. Fuel was $1.70.

The road from Normanton to Burke and Wills Roadhouse (3ways) is as rough as guts for a sealed road. Fuel at the roadhouse was $1.70.


The road from Burke and Wills to Julie Creek is not much chop either, gets better as you get closer to town. Julie Creek was a nice place, RV friendly town with a free rest area east side of town, lovely green grass next to a creek. Lovely park in town with toilets and lots of taps.  Clean and tidy place, towns folk should be proud.


We drove a bit further to just outside Richmond and found a gravel pit for the night.