Richmond and Hughenden

Friday 24th – It’s blowing a gale this morning, the camper was just about self pack up.

We called into Kronosaurus Korner, which has a display of fossils and is also the info centre. You can buy a pass called a Dinopass for $20 for adults that gives admission to Kronosaurus Korner ($20A) Flinders Discovery Centre in Richmond ($5A) and Lark Quarry ($12A) near Winton, which saves a bit on admission if you were visiting all 3. But they didn’t sell them, instead they offered a 4 admission pass that got us into some other one in Winton, cost $50 each, or we could pay $20 each to just visit the fossil display area. As interesting as that might have been we didn’t feel it was worth the $40 for us, maybe if you were really into fossils. So we just checked out the information area.


Dinosaur-Bin Dinosaur-Bin-1

Hughenden Flinders Discovery Centre, $5A, access into the centre with Hughie the Muttaburrasaurus, fossils, information boards and old photos of the history of the place. A short film on the formation of Porcupine Gorge and other bits. Also included a booklet with some good photo’s and info on Hughenden. We thought it was pretty good.

Hughenden-Fossils Hughie

Q. Why are there only old dinosaur bones in museums?

A. Because they can’t afford new ones.

Q. What do you call a stupid dinosaur?

A. Jerkasaurus.

Q. What do you call a dinosaur with bad breath?

A. Stinkysarus.


There is a lovely park on the Flinders River, tables under shade, toilets, bins, water, lovely setting, nice place to have lunch.


We did a run out to Porcupine Gorge with the intention of staying the night but all the self registration sites were full, the other half were online bookings only. It was stinking hot so we decided not to do the gorge walk but to save the whole lot for another time.


We stopped for the night about 20 km’s down the road to Winton, next to an unused railway line.

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