Wed 22nd – We were tempted to stay another night at Gregory Downs but we were pretty keen to hit the Gulf. Some people have been camping here for several weeks.

We have had many different opinions from other travellers about whether to go to Karumba. We always get asked do we fish, when we say no, most say don’t bother going. The opinion from most is its not worth going. Reasons it’s full of a lot older generations who go up there and stay for months, like 5 mths. They have the same spot every time and don’t like new comers. They are very clicky and there is not much else to do but fish.

Keeping to our philosophy of go to a place at least once and check it out ourselves we are heading north and hitting the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Karumba is a little bit like an old sleepy fishing village. Every house has a boat, some huge, the town didn’t do a lot for us. We drove out to Karumba Point, it’s quite nice but the park of choice Sunset Tourist Park was full. The chance we took as we didn’t want to book not knowing when we were going to get here and of course no phone reception. So we picked up some Barramundi at Ash’s to take home and had  tea overlooking the gulf. Can see the attraction to spending a few days chilling out at the point.

Later we will pick up some barra and chips for tea at Ash’s (apparently the place to get them) and watch the sunset over the gulf before we head back towards Normanton for the night. In the mean time we went to where we were told we could fill up with water (as the water from Adel’s Grove was upsetting my tummy, high calcium carbonate content). It’s at the dump point where there is also toilets and a shower with hot water so we got to have a shower as well, and catch up on sending some posts, cool.

Karumba-Sunset Karumba-Sunset-1 Karumba-Sunset-2

That was the best Barra and chips I have ever had. Huge pieces of fish, and it was a beaut sunset too.