Mt Moffatt Sections

Mt Moffatt Sections. It would not be right to put in the campsites for this area without showing the roads. The Mt Moffatt section of Carnarvon Gorge National Park is approx. 190kms from Injune or nearly 250kms from Mitchell. 124kms of the road is dirt, which in dry conditions is pretty good and regularly graded. However it only takes a small amount of rain to turn these roads in a mud hole, as you can see from these photos. We left before the really heavy rain came which flooded Carnarvon Gorge but still had big issues getting out in the van getting bogged 3 times and taking 8hrs to do the dirt section of the road. A farmer camp and pulled us out once, he was the only person we saw on this road the whole trip back on the dirt road. 2 photos show the road going in, 2 show the road coming out and us bogged. And the last 2 are back at Injune with the van covered in mud, took a bit to get that off. Back in Injune we had a crowd of people around us impressed we got out, we were the talk of the town. They asked about access in as the ranger was still saying it would be ok, they were based at Roma. So be warned check the weather forecast before you go in.