Q – Adel’s Grove

Adel's Grove, Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, $, W, DW. Beautiful place  to stay. Even though it’s not free or a cheap place it’s been included as it’s a popular place to stay when visiting Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. There are heaps of sites and in peak season you need … Continue reading Q – Adel’s Grove

Kakadu – Day 4

Tues 14th - Yeah no whiz bangs, much quieter night but the whole campsite was woken by a large flock of cockatoos making their screeching noise as they perched in the tress close by. No big walks or rock climbing today, knees are sore and the butt is very sore where I fell onto it. … Continue reading Kakadu – Day 4