Heading towards Lawn Hill

Friday 17th – We followed a dirt track off the hwy last night that led to a big old quarry. The only problem we had was bugs, heaps of tiny little bugs. So bad we had to eat tea in the dark and pile the dishes up to be washed this morning. Otherwise it was a very quite night.


We woke this morning to a very heavy fog, everything was dripping wet, awesome sight though. We just passed some more wild donkeys.


The pride and joy or our national hwy 1 or the Savannah Way as it is know in the north. We went through 8 creeks crossings from Borroloola to Hells Gate, 320kms lots more in the wet. The road has been very corrugated, lots of dips, ruts, dust and a few rocky bits.


The famous Hells Gate, not a lot there but they do offer a valuable service to travellers in need of fuel. We had enough to get us through to Doomadgee, fuel at the roadhouse was $1.96. The camp ground looked pretty good.


The road from Hells Gate to Doomadgee was pretty good. Fuel was $1.89. We were told the road to Lawn Hill was a nice drive but a slow one, the 134 odd kms would take us 3hrs or more.

The alternative Savannah road was actually pretty good, first half was great. Second half had ruts from where people had gone through in the wet. It’s a really nice drive, lots of trees, cows, nice drive in the country. Could be done in 1 1/2 hrs if there were no stops. We saw 3 different lots of bustards.


We pulled off the road about 25kms from Adel’s Grove, knowing we wouldn’t get there before it was dark.