Kakadu – Day 3

Monday 13th – Warning Will Robertson warning. Our camping spot became so crowded in we had to move spots. We even had one lot use the table right in front of our kitchen so they could use the light coming from our outside light. We figured out our outside light was acting like a homing beacon to all the foreign people in the wicked whiz bang vans, like moths to a light. So we have learnt some lessons over the last few nights. Don’t camp close to the toilets, don’t camp next to a fire pit or tables and turn off the lights if anyone comes in at night, fingers crossed.

We secured the camper and left it at the campsite to head into Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls Gorge. The map said its 68kms 4×4 road that takes 2 hrs. We were also told there is a .65m water crossing and you need a high clearance vehicle and snorkel, to get to Twin Falls and a boat shuttle takes you across to the falls area $12.50 per person, they don’t miss you in this area.


The first 50kms aren’t too bad, bit corrugated in places, does have its moments. At the campground you are greeted by  the camp caretaker giving you info on the roads into the falls and selling tickets for the shuttle. The next 18kms to Twin Falls is windy, sandy, lots of bumps, creeks crossings, slow going but lots of fun. We did Twin Falls first as suggested by the caretaker. The big river crossing is deep 30-40m long but solid underneath.

Twin-Falls-Gorge Twin-Falls-Gorge-1 Twin-Falls-Gorge-2 Twin-Falls-Rocks

It’s a bit of a walk to the shuttle from the car park but not difficult. Falls are amazing, jade green water surrounded by towering cliffs. No swimming though crocs in this water. Well worth doing.

Twin-Falls-2 Twin-Falls-3 Twin-Falls-4 Mini-Falls

The walk into Jim Jim is difficult in places with some serious rock hopping, hard on the knees, especially closer to the plunge pools. They can be slippery in places, there were a few people slipping and twisting ankles, I slipped and landed on my butt and scratched my leg. There are 3 pools, first one has crocs and is the largest.

Jim-Jim-Cliffs Jim-Jim-Falls Jim-Jim-Falls-1

We were very hot when we got to the falls, but just putting my feet in the icy water was enough to cool me down. Chris took the plunge and went for a swim but did say it was very very cold. The falls were very high but didn’t have a lot of water going over them.