Burdekin Farm Stay

After Ingham we went to Townsville for a few days to catch up on a few bits and pieces. We stayed at Townsville Gateway Holiday Park which is south of Townsville but still close to major shopping. It was a nice quiet park and the staff were very friendly. In fact we found everywhere we went in Townsville people were very friendly and wanting a chat. It was also very hot, so the CP swimming pool got a work out from us.

The park had sooooo many Curlews, honestly these birds have plagued us for months. Strange kind of birds but the main issues is they like scream at night time making so much noise, what is it with that.

We also had these lovely Olive-backed Sunbirds, male and a female that took a liking to our clothes line under the awning. The male has the iridescent blue throat while the female has a yellow throat and eyebrow. Beautiful tiny little birds with a joyful song, much different to that of the Curlew’s.

After Townsville we went to Burdekin Farm Stay which is on a working cane farm. Guests in cane fire burning and cutting season are often treated to a drive out to watch a cane fire burning at night. A spectacular sight but unfortunately for us timing wasn’t right and we missed out.

Greg the farmer is very welcoming and extremely friendly and can talk under wet cement. You literally camp between the mango trees next to the creek. Ducks and geese visit. Certainly a unique experience. Dog friendly you must book before going in and a min of 2 days. At the time we stayed there it was $15 a night power and water, can’t beat that.