Time to move on

17/04/14 – We filled up fuel and water in Moura and did a bit of shopping. As you come into town on the right hand side there is a truck wash down area. Next to that, town side is water for filling up your water tank. Dump point is just past the town, turn left just after the railway line, on the left.

We had lunch at Theodore and the Junction Park which was a really lovely spot along the river. Donations are requested if you stay the night and there are $1 showers. We were tempted to stay a few nights but decided to keep moving to our destination of Chain Lagoons.

Junction-Park-stopped-for-lunch Junction-Park-tables

Chain Lagoons is 16km north of Taroom, via Chain Lagoons road. Approx 1 km along the road we came to what looked like to be a camping area, but not that exciting and not near the lagoon. Access to the lagoons has been blocked off with a fence across the road. We took a side track which got narrower and then eventually rain parallel with the main road and then stopped. Not sure what the point of the track was. We decided to head to Lake Murphy Conservation Park for the night instead.

18km north of Taroom onto Fitzroy Development Road then a further 12km along a well graded road to the Lake Murphy camping area. The drive to Lake Murphy can only be described as beautiful. Lovely tall gums, cattle grazing, emus, kangaroos and birds.


We set up both campers in one of the larger sites. It wasn’t long before Apostle birds came to check us out.


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Q – Dawson River Rest Area

Dawson River Rest Area – T, S, B, OR, BR, D. 7 km’s east of Moura by the Dawson River,  no camping near day and boat ramp. Large grassy area, trees for shade. Shower $1 to operate. Toilets old, stained, donations requested for up keep of facilities. As you come into town on the right hand side there is a truck wash down area. Next to that, town side is water for filling up your water tank. Dump point is just past the town, turn left just after the railway line, on the left. Dawson River is a Popular spot. Rating – 4

Moura-Camping-Area Moura-Camping-Area-1 Moura-Day-Area The-Loo's

Dawson-River-Rest-Area Dawson-River-Rest-Area-1 Dawson-River-Rest-Area-2 Dawson-River-Rest-Area-3

Nuga Nuga National Park

Our one night stop at Swinging Bridge near Cooyar.
12/04/14 – We arrived at Nuga Nuga National Park mid afternoon. Quick set-up and then arvo tea with our friends who had been there for a few days.
We had an awesome view of the lake, a great sight to wake up to every morning. The morning sun shown on the trees giving them a ghost like appearance. Unfortunately we didn’t see the sun for a few days though, with light rain for the first few days.
The water level in the lake was several meters lower than last Easter and no water lilies this time. The water was shallow for a long way into the lake making if difficult to get the kayak in. We did finally get to see some sun 🙂
Unfortunately Kate was sick with a cold and spent many nights coughing, so we didn’t do a lot in the time we had at Nuga Nuga. It was just lovely to just chill out a relax for a few days chatting and laughing with good company and chasing the odd bird or two. The birds were a long way from the shore and not to keen on having their photo taken.
The sun came out briefly, this was the best sunset we had.
Wed 16/04/14 – We left Nuga Nuga and headed to the Dawson River Rest Area 7km outside Moura. We were fortunate to get a couple of spots along the back fence line which happens to be the furthest spot away from the road. The place was already pretty full. The toilet block has showers $1 coin slot for 2 min shower, they also ask for donations for the up keep of the place.
We had fun photographing the kites and the skiers on the water until the black clouds came rolling in. The storm did cool things down, we had rain on and off for the next few hrs. There are loads of mossies here.
Boarding Skiing

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Isla Gorge National Park

8th April – We woke to blue skies, be about right the day we are leaving. We did get woken up during the night by lots of birds noises and a kookaburra laughing in a tree above us in the early wee hours.


We ended up doing a tyre, long story but its cactus. The road from Nuga Nuga to the main HWY is a bit rough in places.

We stopped 7 km’s east of Moura at a rest area by the Dawson River, also a camping area. Great day area, camping is a large grassy area that was already filling up by 1.30pm. They do ask for a donation for the upkeep of the place. There are toilets, that are old and showers were operated by $1 coin. There is a fishing comp this weekend; it looked like some of the campers were a part of that.


We did a few essentials at Moura before heading out of town and stopping at the Moura mine viewing platform with a view over the open cut mine. Not a lot to see apart from a big hole in the ground. We could see some of the big trucks in the distance and a dragline.

Dawson-Mine Dawson-Mine-1 Dawson-Mine-2

We have come across lots of road works today. We headed south to Isla Gorge National Park. There was a fire west of the road in some bush that was not close to the road but was spreading thick smoke around the area. So there is lots of smoke outside, the canvas is doing a good job of stopping it from getting inside. Strong smell of smoke outside.

Isla-Gorge-Shelter-view Isla-Gorge-Smoky

The camp area is fairly small, fit about 5/6 vans, campers. There is a day area and lookout over the gorge right next to the small camping area.

We retreated into the camper pretty early as the smoke was getting thicker.

20130408 Isla Gorge