Campsites and Rest Areas

Sometimes it can be difficult to post on the road, so often we leave updating the website with our campsites until we get home. Every time we post onto our site it does send out an email to everyone following our site. This does mean you could get a whole heap of posts about campsites all in a row, sorry about that. Please bear with us, the campsite postings might not be of interest to you at present but hopefully when you are travelling around you will remember a post we did on an area, go to our website and get the benefit of our campsite collection for free. Also sometimes the email posts can look a bit weird. We can’t do anything about that, keep in mind you can also click on the web link to see the post on our web site and see how it should look.


We also try and take photos of each campsite to help jog the memory and show what the place is like, as they say a picture paints a thousand words. Most campsite listings now have 4 photos, so along with over 100 campsites or rest areas in over 5 states, with the list forever growing, there area loads of photos. Sometimes for whatever reason we don’t have any photos of the campsite, we might have arrived after dark and left early, might not have been appropriate or we were slack, 🙂 it happens. This is a work in progress that is forever evolving.


We would also like to remind you we have rated and written our thoughts of campsites for our own personal reference, and they are our views based on our needs and likes, if you benefit from them as well, great, just keep in mind you might like something different to us. We have also found different times of the year or season can make a big difference to the place.


We have developed our own little rating system and state on each campsite what facilities, if any, there are as shown in the key below. Each post now has a link back to the ratings and key used as a reminder of what they mean. We will mostly likely add to the keys used as we find different aspects become important to us.

Key Used: T – Toilet, S – Shower, B – Bin, N – Noisy, F – Free, W – Wildlife, M – Mobile is for “Next G, DW – Drinking Water, $ – Fees apply, OR – Off Road, D – Dogs, BR – Suitable for Big Rigs, ND – Non Drinking Water, DP – Dump Point.