New and improved

After our last big trip the Ute was in need of a few repairs. One was to get the back door repaired under insurance after someone tried to break in the back before we headed off. Metalink were doing the repair on that.

The other was the chassis needed some repair work. After consultation with Creative Conversions it was decided to get the chassis extended 350mm and strengthen the existing chassis. This then puts the back axle back further enabling the Ute to better carry a load. All Ute’s should be built this way. We are now noticing all the Ute’s with trays ending a long way past the back axles.


The end result is a much stronger Ute that can carry a load and the canopy is now secured stronger and better with 2 more places to bolt it on, now a total of 8 points.  So we are very happy with the end result.

This did all mean a lot of work for Chris as he had to empty out the canopy, removing wires, drawers  shelves etc. so the canopy could be removed. Then of course put it all back in. The plus side was he was able to put it all back together better and tidier with wires hidden behind ducting and some rearranging of some things to suit us better. He also put connectors on all wires so he can easily disconnect them and remove the canopy as one unit if we want too. We now also have some led spot lights on the back of the Ute to help in setting up in the dark and a gauge on the water tank.