Red Car Door Tour

The Car Door Tours are free self drive tours around the town and outer areas. There is a total of 4 tours each marked with a different colour door. We had visited some of these areas on the town tour the day before. For $1 you can pick up a detailed map and information of the car door tours from the information centre. They are an interesting way to explore the area.

Red Car Door Tour is a 10 min drive taking you past a plaque of information on the first settlement site of 1906 called Wallangulla or Old Town.

You continue to drive up the hill past various camps.

The drive takes you past Amigo’s Castle and other interesting homes.

At the end of the gravel is the end of the Red door tour, from there you turn back into the town area going past the Bottle House. The bottle shop wasn’t open when we were there.

From there we stopped at Cooper’s Cottage built in 1916.