Yellow Car Door Tour

The Yellow Car Door Tour is part of the free self drive tours around the town and outer areas. For $1 you can pick up a detailed map and information of the car door tours from the information centre.

This Yellow Door tour takes you a little further afield and takes approx 45 mins to complete. It take you past the Big Opal Mine, which we didn’t go into. Past the Chambers of the Black Hand to the future site of the Australia Opal Centre (AOC), with a few abandoned shafts surrounded by fences. The AOC will be a self-sustaining, 2 storey in ground building.

There is more sites and information listed on the map. Up to Lunatic Hill an open cut mine.

We ducked back to Fred Bogal’s Camp the oldest miner’s camp in Lightning Ridge. And looked at the plague for the old opal fields of Nettleton.

Everywhere you look there is evidence of of camp life and mining.

The Corrugated Iron Church was purpose built for the film “Goddess of 1967”