Expedition National Park

This trip we are taking a few weeks over Easter and heading west stopping in at a few national parks. We spent the first night at Swinging Bridge Rest Area, a good distance from home for the first night. We arrived a little after 8pm; the place was fuller than we had seen it before with a few looking like they were set up for the Easter break.

20130328 Home to Swinging Bridge

29th & 30th March – There was a very heavy dew which meant the canvas was wet in the morning. It was still wet when we packed up so we put a small tarp on the bed to keep it dry just in case.

We are taking a bit more leisurely pace this trip. We stopped at Dalby for morning tea and sat and enjoyed our cuppa with another couple, each talking about our travels, also owners of an Aussie Swag.

At Miles we had lunch near the river just outside of town under the gums watching the geese and Corella’s, just enjoying the scenery.

Geese Park

The directions into Expedition National Park, Robinson Gorge Section, Starvale Camping area can be found on their web site and are pretty straight forward to follow. Takes about 2 hrs. to travel the 89 km’s. The first 34 Km’s are bitumen then its dirt road. The road is mostly pretty good, only the last 16 km’s is 4wd only.  There are lots of cattle that can wander onto the road so watch out for them.

Camping-at-Expedition Creek

There were 7 other lots of campers with one large group at the camping area. Sites can be found in mowed sections of varying sizes. There are long drop loos and non-drinking tap water. There is also a creek with a swimming hole that we were told was a little cool. There are also several walks from 1.2kms to 6kms return, grade 4. Since I was recovering from a bad head cold and sinus infection we just relaxed, caught up on some reading and generally chilled out for a few days. Was way too hot to go for a steep walk anyway, lots of ants and sand flies here.

20130329 Expedition